Psalm 348 [widescreen]

Launch Post

Welcome to Strong Sword, a blog that’s all about the Bible!

My name is Wes Burroughs and I’m the author of Strong Sword. I started this blog because I love talking about the Bible, theology, and everything in between.

At the moment I’m attending Dallas Theological Seminary and I’m working on my Master of Theology. Once I’m done I’ll be going into the ministry. One of the reasons I started this blog is because it will help me get a better handle on all the questions people have regarding the Bible.

If there are any topics regarding the Bible you would like to see discussed please leave a comment in the comments section below or contact me.

I will be posting once a day five times a week Monday through Friday.

However, for the first four or five weeks I will also be posting a second post from my old blog.

If this sounds like a blog you would like to follow please subscribe to the weekly newsletter.


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