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What Kind of Christian Are You? (Part 6 of 7: the Church in Philadelphia)

The name of that historic Pennsylvania city comes from church number six, Philadelphia. The name literally means brotherly love. And today we are going to take a look atthe advice Jesus has to give to this church.

The church in Philadelphia

From what Christ has to say to this church we can gather that they were under a lot of persecution. It is interesting to note that the churches who were under persecution Christ commended while the ones who had it easy he gave a hard time.

Jesus praises them for keeping his word about patient endurance. It seems that from the context of this letter the church was either a smaller congregation or it was made of lower class citizens for Christ says he knows they only have a little power. Either way they probably did not have a lot of leeway in Philadelphia, but Christ recognizes they have stayed faithful.

In v. 9 Jesus lets the church in Philadelphia know that he is going to take care of those people who claim to be friends but are really allied with Satan. Unlike the churches in Pergamum and Thyatira the church in Philadelphia has not allowed itself to be seduced by any false teachers.

Staying strong when you feel small

It can be tough in the workplace or at school when there aren’t that many believers around. The Church in the first few centuries knew this better than anyone else. Up until the time of Constantine the early Church was the low man on the totem pole.

Christ keeps his expectations for us reasonable. For those of us who are not as gifted or influential as others he expects to use the gifts we have. And for those of who have been given more he expects much more.

This was the case with the seven churches of Revelation. Even though his message to each church only takes up a paragraph or two you get the feeling which church had the influence and affluence in their city and which did not.

When we stand in judgement of the time we spent here and the work we did for Christ we will be judged according to our means and opportunity. Are you being faithful with everything you’ve been given?

I know for me it feels like sometimes I’m just spinning my wheels in the mud. Everyone else is holding me back. Or God just isn’t giving me the breaks or gifts I need to be successful for Him.

We need to take responsibility for what God has put in our control. Remember God is the God of the impossible. We may feel like we’re Joseph sometimes, abandoned and forgotten. But we need to be faithful in our circumstances because we never know what the Lord might have waiting for us around the corner.

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