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What Kind of Christian Are You? (Part 7 of 7: the Church in Laodicea)

Today we’re going to take a look at the message to the church in Laodicea. In my opinion this church more than any of the other seven embodies the church in America.

The church in Laodicea

We can gather from Christ’s message that the Laodiceans wererich. Which does not bode well for them considering Christ has so far judged the wealthier churches a little more harshly than the rest. Well, he does not hold back here.

The church in Laodicea receives Christ’s strongest rebuke. He tells the Laodiceans that he is going to vomit them out of his mouth because he is so disgusted with them. Jesus does not like his drink at room temperature.

What he is saying is that the Laodicean church isn’t good for anything. They are neither refreshing (a cold drink) or soothing (a warm drink). They have lost their vitality as a church. They think they’ve found their source of life in their worldly riches instead of their relationship with Christ.

In v. 20 Christ uses the analogy of an estranged friend who has been shut out. Many have interpreted and used this verse for evangelism. While witnessing to the lost is important, we must remember that these messages are addressed to the seven churches. The recipients are already believers, their problem is that they have lost their way. He is trying to get back to the Laodicean church and all they have to do is let him in.

A reflection of ourselves

The message Christ has for the Laodiceans has never rang truer for anyone than those of us living in America today. With all of our freedoms, advances in technology, and wealth it’s easy for us as Christians to forget about Christ and live our lives as if we don’t need him.

However, as even the world would admit, all of these achievements do not make us any more virtuous as people. Hate, greed, and violence are all still prevalent even in our affluent country. I’m in my twenties and racial tension is as high as I can remember it ever being. It seems that we as a nation have just been ignoring it or ignorantly thought it had disappeared.

In any case have you allowed yourself to be satisfied with your “things” and forgotten that your ultimate satisfaction only comes from a deep relationship with Christ?

Revelation 3:20 is not a verse for those outside the church that are lost. It’s for those of us inside the Church that have forgotten about Jesus. He desires a one on one relationship with us. Don’t let the distractions of this life get in the way of that.

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